Our professional team participates in all stages of the production process of each piece of furniture, and training is constant among those involved in manufacturing and selling them. The final finish of the product makes it unique and results in perfection and extreme satisfaction for our customers.

The process, from start to completion of each product, involves up to eight people, and this is what guarantees the quality of our product, making it unique.

The use of selected raw materials associated with high technology equipment is the guarantee of our work for more than a decade.

Respect for the environment is also part of Majestic Home & Garden's policy, which promotes conscious consumption and the legal disposal of waste.


The furniture that bears our signature is manufactured using cutting-edge technology, from nautical ropes to braiding handmade by artisans, hired in the regions surrounding our units. The structures of the products are all made of Corten Steel, which ensures lightness and high durability, meeting different climates.

Durability is also reflected in the coating, which is made with electrostatic painting. The fabric used is waterproof with aquablock technology, commonly seen on luxury speedboats and yachts, and even organic fabrics such as cotton and linen.

The technology linked to the choice of raw material allows us to offer the best guarantee among other companies. Another point worth highlighting is the delivery time for our client, which respects a period of 20 to 30 days, with the possibility that the assembly process is accompanied in our factory.




The expansion of our units, at the moment, continues in the national territory, however, our trends go beyond Australia and are followed around the world.

Constant updating is necessary to offer the most modern designers that are launched in the market and, therefore, we are present in the most diverse national and international events in the segment.

We offer security about our line of materials, comfort in choosing accessories and seriousness in negotiation. In this way, Majestic Home & Garden customers continue to invest in our differentials.


Our main objective is to serve our customers in a personalized way, with the possibility that they participate in each stage of the manufacturing process of their furniture.

We work with the aim of developing and executing well-planned pieces so that we get the best use of the spaces defined for each project. We work, mainly, to make each dream come true and make each space the most pleasant for those who will use it.


We aim for personalized and unique pieces for our customers, with the search for constant innovation of the technologies presented in the market, also following the trends of the whole territory.

The exclusive pieces guarantee the importance given to each purchase and choice, which enhances the work of the craftsmen who are part of the company.


Valorization of the workforce; family business; market leadership; sustainability, seriousness and guarantee in all processes.


Unit 4/23 Playford crescent, Salisbury North 5108

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